Monday, September 02, 2013

The Laugh of Abu-Ala

Abu-Ala, former PA Prime Minister and Oslo architect/negotiator, in the Maariv daily:-

What about Jerusalem?

"Jerusalem is the problem of problems...eastern Jerusalem must be the capital of the Palestinian state."

And the Temple Mount?

"Al - Aqsa will be Palestinian hands, and we will cooperate with other religions.

Al - Aqsa is in Jerusalem or Iraq?

Clearly it's in Jerusalem," Abu Ala laughs.

According to Jewish tradition, at this place existed the Temple.

"Enough with the stories being told for thousands of years. We need to move forward and solve the problems that exist today. Israel must not try to forcefully occupy aspace that according to stories thousands of years ago there was here a sacred place. There is a dispute to has to be resolved. Whether you want the issue resolved in a peaceful way, we're interested. If you want to try to resolve the dispute by force, I say to you that you will not succeed."
Whose laughing now?


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