Sunday, September 01, 2013

But Mr. Barnea, The PA Is Much Worse

Nahum Barnea published an op-ed in the New York Times' website entitled Israel Should Not Take Action on Syria.

He has an opinion and he stands behind it.

But in deliberating the issue, he wrote this:- in Syria have made it clear that the man in Damascus is not abiding by the same rules any more. Israel cannot rely on him...
The Arab Spring has changed the face of several countries in the Middle East. And it has profoundly destabilized the Middle East. The hopes for more justice, equality and democracy have been crushed by internal and tribal rifts and realities of violence and economic despair.
In Syria as in Egypt, religion has played a negative role in domestic conflicts. We would be foolish to believe that these two counties — or, for that matter, other countries in the region — could adopt democracy in the Western-liberal sense.

Here is a man whose columns in Yedioth Ahronot persistently attack Binyamin Netanyahu and the entire nationalist approach to issues of security and the Land of Israel and is behind the Oslo Option all the way, although he does have critical observations that slip through.

If you substitute "Palestinian Authority" for either Syria or Egypt above, it is obvious that Barnea is ignoring the reality that the PA cannot ever be a "peace partner" for Israel.

It's societal dysfunctionality is worse than those two countries.

Equality?  Democracy?  Justice?

Of course not.

And most assuredly violence, internal rift, economic despair and more, including religious fanaticism.

If you do not accept that reality, you are misleading Israel's media consumers.  You are biased.

And that is not at all ethical.


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