Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wineman Replies, More Manchester Tent Flapping

Further to the Manchester Big Tent Event flap *, the Jewish Chronicle carries Vivian Wineman's response:

Mr Wineman insisted: "There was no exclusion of pro-settler voices. Mr Unsdorfer and Mr [Eric] Graus [president of Likud-Herut] have been invited to speak, and they will be welcome if they come."

Mr Medad had been ruled out, he said, because he lacked the immediate local experience of the delegitimisation of Israel in the UK.


A prominent spokesman for Jewish settlers in the West Bank has complained of being excluded from Sunday's Big Tent for Israel conference in Manchester.

Yisrael Medad is a former emissary to the UK for the right-wing Betar youth movement, who now lives in the settlement of Shiloh.

On his blog My Right Word, Mr Medad questioned the apparent lack of any settler representative at the advocacy event. He also referred readers to other bloggers who had been critical of the Jewish Leadership Council and the chairman of its executive, Mick Davis, over Israel.

Mr Medad's name was then suggested as a possible speaker, to organisers finalising the programme.

But Mr Medad said: "I was informed that my participation was rejected and it was intimated to me that I had insulted the UK Jewish leadership."


This as well as this and this, too.



JH said...

"Surely he cannot be serious. One of the key features of the "delegitimisation" assault is that it is internationally coordinated. If the response is artificially constrained by national borders then it risks ineffectiveness or worse. The response requires a judicious mix of local and international expertise and resources."

Juniper in the Desert said...

It doesn't take much to upset them, they are ultra-sensitive to the truth and somewhat allergic to it!!

I totally agree with JH: YOU are on the direct receiving end of delegitimisation of Israel and Jews, who could speak better? These stupid dhimmis are more concerned about their hold on power in England than anything serious.They are loathesome.