Friday, November 18, 2011

Maybe Jeremy Ben-Ami Has An Illness?

Jeremy Ben-Ami, founder of J Street, writes in “A New Voice for Israel: Fighting for the Survival of the Jewish Nation”:

“Israel’s existence is in fact threatened by a progressive, terminal illness,” According to his diagnosis, the illness is a kind of willful blindness that prevents both Israeli and American leaders from seeing a way out of the dire predicament that the Jewish state now faces...Instead of “unquestioning support for Israel,” J Street insists on calling attention to “the moral and ethical implications of occupation and its impact on both the Palestinian people and Israel itself.” Ben-Ami’s book serves a manifesto for J Street..
“If things don’t change pretty soon, chances are that the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will slip through our fingers,” Ben-Ami writes. “As that happens, the dream of the Jewish people to be a free people in their own land also slowly disappears.”

But think again.

Israel existed without the "occupation" that Ben-Ami identifies as a terminal illness for 19 years, 1948-1967, during which Arab terror was rampant and eventually, a war broke out, one intended to eradicat Israel and toss its Jewish inhabitants into the sea.

Since 1967 and the extension of Israel's administration into Judea, Samaria, Sinai, Gaza and the Golan, during which Sinai and Gaza were relinquished, Israel has existed 44 years with tremendous economic and scientific and industrial growth all the while succesfuly fighting major wars and minor campaigns.

Maybe Jeremy is sick?


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