Saturday, November 19, 2011

On De-Mock-Racy

From Emilt Amrousi's article on left-wing language laundering:

The leftist organizations that are weakening Israel have, in one felt swoop, become "social organizations." Organizations that have brought us the Goldstone Report, that have chased after our senior officials, and that have bound the hands of the Israel Defense Forces in their fight against terrorism, have now turned into "human rights organizations." First spray it, then throw it in the wash...

Those who bothered to actually read the law prohibiting the funding of NGOs by foreign governments found that it refers only to political organizations, those that seek to "influence the political and security agenda of the country," and that these same organizations will be able to continue on with any number of their destructive activities, yet will be forced to do so without the funding of foreign governments.

Israel is one of the only countries in the world that allows other nations to stick their noses in its business, to rummage through its organs, and to intervene in domestic affairs in a manner that overlooks minor details such as sovereignty, democracy and the will of the people. A negligible minority, rich with resources from abroad and possessing little support for Israel, is granted such a massive power of expression and assembly that voting at the polls has become just a symbolic act...

Topping the list of countries who have effective operative proxies here are Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, and Germany...Millions of euros have been transferred from the hostile and commissioning nations of the EU to "social and human rights organizations" like Yesh Din, Mossawa, Adalah, Ir Amim - City of Nations, Shovrim Shtika, Bimkom, B'Tselem, Public Committee Against House Demolitions, Public Committee Against Torture, and Physicians for Human Rights. These organizations do not run drama classes in development towns or seek just compensation for farmers. No culture, no education, nada. Their declared goal is political change. Their hidden goal is the destruction of Israel as the Jewish state.

Welcome to "de-mock-racy."


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