Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This Groping Goldberg Is But Half

A teacher named Katherine Goldberg groped an air steward on flight it is reported but the Goldberg part is her father I have been informed from London.


A teacher who assaulted an air steward while under an "alcohol-induced illusion" has been spared jail. Katherine Goldberg, 25, was on a night flight from Johannesburg, South Africa, to Heathrow in August when the incident happened, Isleworth Crown Court heard...Goldberg, of Ealing, west London, was fined £1,500, and ordered to carry out an 11-month community order and 80 hours of unpaid work. She must also pay £250 costs.

...Goldberg was returning from visiting her boyfriend and grandparents in South Africa where she had been celebrating the end of her teaching exams. She took two bottles of alcohol on to the Virgin Atlantic flight and was so drunk she became under the "alcohol-induced illusion" the steward was her boyfriend, the court was told.

Prosecutor James O'Connell said...her "antics changed and became rather sexual", Mr O'Connell said. The court was told she groped the man through his trousers and kept making offers to him..."In her complete alcoholic funk she was confusing him with her current boyfriend, Clayton, and Owen, a previous boyfriend.

...Goldberg, of Crosslands Avenue, had no recollection of the events on board when she was met by police at Heathrow but was very apologetic. She has been suspended from her job as a teacher and has since admitted to having an alcohol problem, the court heard.

The good news? There was no danger and there may be a future:

...Judge Andrew McDowall said none of the other passengers had been in any danger during the flight and Goldberg did not have to be restrained at any stage...The judge said he hoped she would be allowed to continue to teach despite the sexual assault conviction.


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