Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Comment of Israel's Media

From Dror Eydar: the Israeli media, there are almost no balanced debates on these issues...There is no complex reality of advantages versus disadvantages. There is only the “sons of light” versus the “sons of darkness,” heaven versus the abyss.

...I know many fair, honest and wise intellectuals who believe the proposals have the power to rectify historical wrongs, and are capable of strengthening democracy. But those wise people receive absolutely no coverage in the media. Why? Indeed, the media betrays its own credo, and has itself become a political player.

...Did the media encourage an in-depth public debate about the dangerous ramifications of the [Oslo] agreement, and did it pursue then Chief of General Staff Ehud Barak to understand why he claimed that the agreement was "as full of holes as Swiss cheese"? Were Benny Begin's warnings given proper coverage, or were they ridiculed, similar to the way Shimon Peres called him "Abu Amar" (Yasser Arafat's nom de guerre, but also a play on the Hebrew word "amar," which can mean "said nonsensically").

As I become more familiar with the seventh power's (a.k.a. the media's) obscurity, I am shocked by how much charlatanism, anti-intellectualism, silencing of voices, and lack of independent thinking there is among those considered top-rate media personalities. There is no desire at all to maintain a balance, hear the voices of people who think differently, and accord legitimacy to different world views, even if they are widespread among the public.


Once again they interviewed Dr. Arye (Arik) Carmon on the topic of democracy and the "danger to democracy" that has become a mantra of late. Why is he superior to other, more competent experts in the fields of government, constitutions and democracy? (Radio station producers, feel free to ask me for an up-to-date list.) So what if he established a wealthy, Left-leaning institute that employs quite a few cronies who also have positions in universities or other educational institutions. So what?

...The relationship between Carmon, his institute and the media is like an allegory of the impossible reality we face in this part of the world. Democracy, poor democracy. Whenever the rule of the Left -- in the courts, prosecution, media, and academic sectors -- is weakened, and whenever an opportunity arises to change the one-dimensional political system that characterizes those institutions, from monolithic to pluralistic, to a more open-minded society that needs to exist in our complex "Israeli experience," someone pulls out the humiliating mantra, "You are damaging democracy."


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