Friday, November 25, 2011

Uri Avnery and His Mother

His mother didn't appeciate his visit to Arafat and according to her will (below) didn't leave him one single penny:

"I, Hilda Wolf (Osterman) nee Englestein, ID746976, 50 Lamed Hey St., Givatayim, arrange my will as follows:

1.  To my son, Uri Avnery, ID 39517; 10A Rupin St., Tel Aviv, I leave not one single penny as he did not take car of me and, instead, went to visit the murderer Yasser Arafat".


See here in Haaretz:

Haolam Hazeh also vexed Avnery's mother, Hilda Ostermann, who wrote her son out of her will. "I do not leave a penny to my son Uri, who instead of taking care of me went off to visit that murderer, Yasser Arafat," she wrote.



aparatchik said...


Anonymous said...

do you really think it is appropriate to publish a person's ID number on a blog?

YMedad said...

after Haaretz and everyone else including the book? yes. is someone going to steal his identity? his NHI payments? his journalist's card?

Anonymous said...

In other words, you wouldn't mind him publishing your mother's testament, your ID and if we're already at it, your address? Didn't think so.

YMedad said...

no, i wouldn't. especially as it has been public knowledge in any case.

are you always so priggish or just with me?