Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Serious West Bank Issues

No, not the visit of the East Bank King to Judea and Samaria, whose great-grandfather illegally annexed the area in April 1950 and applied the term "West Bank" as an act of obfuscatory.

And not even anything to do with the misnomered "West Bank" of Israel - ever seen a river bank extending 30+ miles?

New Orleans:

serious issues with the West Bank levee


West Bank levee safety questioned

Susan Maclay from the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority said there are serious issues with the West Bank levee. She showed FOX 8 large pieces of wood, rubber tires, shopping carts, and even a large metal hook that she said could have hurt their workers.

“The wood material will deteriorate and cause the levee to sink faster,” she said.

Maclay said the nearby landfill should've been cleaned up before contractors started working to bring the old sections of the levee up to new standards and specifications. “You can't get everything but you need to certainly get large obvious objects and if there's a plethora of little debris you need to pick a lot of that out,” she said.


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