Wednesday, November 23, 2011

They'll Be Marching to Jerusalem Jerusalem, Jerusalem...

This coming March there'll be a March to Jerusalem (Facebook).


...we believe that it is necessary for the people of the world to act through civil organizing. The March is initiated and will be directed by Palestinians from around the world. The Global March to Jerusalem will reassert and affirm the Palestinian refugees’ Right of Return and right of access to Jerusalem. The organizers, endorsers and participants have committed themselves to a non-violent march and have no intention to harm any person...

They have principles, too, including:

1. We respect the rights of all persons, without exception, simply because they are human.

Tell that to the Hamas.

2.We recognize the right of all refugees, displaced persons and their families to return to their homes, in accordance with international law.

But that was what Zionism did.

3.All persons have the right of access to Jerusalem.

And can the Jews ascend to the Temple Mount and pray there?

4.The occupation of Palestinian land must end, and all lands must be restored to their legal owners.

There is Atab-owned land, Christian-owned land, Aremnian-owned land, etc. And Jewish-owned land. And if there is "occupation", well what have the Arabs been doing since 638 CE if not that?

5.All laws that discriminate against any populations must be revoked.

Including the one that prohibits Jews form purchasing land and a death sentence for Arabs who do sell?

7.Our actions must respect Palestinian will, and especially the communities directly affected by our actions.

So,, in other words, the population that hjas spectacularly failed in all nationalist attempts this past century still runs the show?

They won't get anywhere with that attitude.


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