Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Squish - There's A Weak Link on the West Bank

No, not the one forged between King Abdullah II and Mahmoud Abbas.

And not the one between Hamas and Abbas. (*) And read this about that from...2005.

This one, again, is in New Orleans:

Weak link in West Bank levee described as "jelly donut"

A weak area discovered on the West Bank Levee during soil testing is being called a “jelly donut” by Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority Commissioner, Michael Merritt. “What I was attempting to do with my thumb as we hopped into those trenches and had a look between Orleans village and the pump station was just to see how soft the clays were,” he explained. Simply put Merritt equates the instability of the area that he calls a jelly donut to squishing a peanut butter cookie dough with a fork…something they professionally call unconfined compression testing.

“It’s how much you can squish something before it compresses and how hard you can push,” he said.

On second thought, "soft" is very appropriate to to diplomatic and political moves the Palestinian Authority is making.

Unfortunately, too much could collapse as a result.


Even the NYTimes is on the mark: New Winds in Mideast Favor Hamas


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