Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weak As Weak Is

I commented on Netanyahu's weakness to the Temple Mount and even Akiva Eldar is amazed:

Who is this Netanyahu that's involving Muslims in Jerusalem affairs?

If Netanyahu were opposition leader, instead of prime minister, he would have tarred and feathered anyone who decided to defer the demolition of the Mughrabi Gate.

And agrees with me:

Netanyahu's request to defer the demolition of the dilapidated bridge that leads to the Mughrabi Gate and the installation of a new bridge has no political or religious justification.

As UNESCO records:

At the last minute, when the heavy equipment was ready to carry the new metal bridge to the Western Wall area, Jordan's King Abdullah got cold feet. Pressured by Islamic groups in Jordan and Egypt, headed by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the king asked that the renovation be postponed. As always, he wanted to verify that a request along the same lines would come from Washington.

So, weakness all-around is the new diplomatic policy?


JPost editorial concludes:

This madness must stop. An absurd situation has been created in which some irrational Muslim leaders, intoxicated by their own lies – including the spurious belief that the First and Second Temples were never situated on the Temple Mount – have intimidated Israel into inaction.

Israel must not cave in to the insanity of Muslim extremism. The Mughrabi bridge must be replaced – the sooner the better.


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Juniper in the Desert said...

Are there any cartoons showing Bibi and Obozo in wrestling gear, Obozo sitting on Bibi's head??