Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Faking It

The Independent reports on the Sumarin Family case in Silwan.

Two reactions:

a) Note:
"Technically, Israel is acting within the bounds of its own law...".

My, my. Legal!
But Jews are expected to be more than just technically legal. Higher standards.


b) note:
"Why do settlers who came here 20 years ago have the right to take over? Just because King David was here 3,000 years ago?" he says.

No, because Jews were there until the late 1930s when Arabs chased them away like they did later in 1947-1948 to the Jews of Shimon HaTzadik, Sham'a and other neighborhoods of Jerusalem in addition to the Old City Quarter and Neveh Yaakov and Atarot.

Never trust an Arab here to present you with the full, unadulterated and complete history of the conflict.

They'll fake it more often than not.


The Sumarin family has been rejecting eviction orders since 1991.  There have been several legal hearings on the subject. The family won one but lost  others.   In 2005 the family did not bother to present a defence at a court case in Jerusalem.



Anonymous said...

where were the supporters of these fakers when Jews were being driven out of Gush Qatif, Kfar Darom, etc??
BTW, Kfar Darom was a Jewish farming settlement before the 1947-1949 war of Independence. So the Jews were driven out of there twice, first by the Egyptian army in 1948.

Juniper in the Desert said...

I believe they were Jews but converted to izlam at some point: their surname is virtually identical mine!