Sunday, November 20, 2011

If Pals. Invest in Our Communities, Why Not You?

In this article, culled from Haaretz (haven't found link yet but k/t=ChallahHuAkbar),

Issa Smeirat, 43, as part of his M.A Degree, conducted a study and discovered that

...16,000 Palestinian businessmen from the West Bank Judea & Samaria...established businesses and firms in Israel and its settlements communities in the occupied disputed/liberated territories. This includes establishing several factories and companies that has numerous branches, all paying taxes to Israel.

Smeirat also studied the motives that pushed those Palestinian investors to invest in Israel and its illegal settlements, especially since the issue is very sensitive and more Palestinian organizations, activists and officials are calling for boycotting Israel and its settlement products.
Talking to Haaretz, the researcher...stated that the Paris Agreement does not prohibit investing in settlements.

...The capital of 16.000 Palestinian investors in the Palestinian Authority areas are distributed as the following; 3300 investors in Hebron, 3100 in Ramallah, 3000 in Nablus, 2000 in Bethlehem, and 1000 in Nablus.

You can invest, too.


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Anonymous said...

He totally misses that the Palestinians don't pay 16% VAT which means that if you set up a business like mine on the other side, you don't have to give an interest free loan of 16% of your working capital to the government like I have to.

Dy'a hear that sucking sound? That's the ₪150,000 I paid at the airports and sea ports last month just to bring goods into the country.

I read the report and it's a piece of politicised socialist whinny victimhood horse s___.

The only reason the Arabs have ANY viable businesses is because of us, our electricity, water and the millions of people we brought to this swamp to buy their stuff. And for this they give us nothing but pain. Ingrates.