Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Whole Lot of Chuppah - and Chutzpah ;->)

Read this:

The rabbi even did themed ceremonies, such as a Dr. Seuss wedding.

and this:

Besides, she added, a Jewish wedding was neutral territory.


Well, it's from this story

Melanie and Michael Pezzula walk down the aisle, husband and wife, after their wedding ceremony. Though neither Melanie nor Michael is Jewish, the couple incorporated many Jewish traditions into their wedding...The inclusion of so many Jewish traditions in the ceremony uniting Melanie, raised Episcopalian, and Michael, raised Catholic, was their way of making their wedding special, they said. A Jewish wedding was “a refreshing departure from what everybody that is close to us is used to,” Melanie said.


Mazal Tov to you.



Juniper in the Desert said...

They should try the muzlim one next: just repeat a single sentence of garbage and Bingo! You're a muzrat! Such a refreshing departure from what people are used to!! FFS!!

Naomi Litvi said...

Being Jewish is not a fad or a style. Yet I see much of that online, as many women converting to Judaism either as a ploy to find a husband or a job, or even to add twitter followers! Are they adding their new found religion as a bullet point on their resume? When push comes to shove, would they "go back" to their Christian roots to save themselves? I'm trying not to judge them but something feels "off."