Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Most Outrageous (and Silly) Comment on the Pal.-Israel Conflict Today

Or this past week, for that matter.

Found here:

The Israeli authorities laid their hands on buildings in the old city and confiscated lands near the old city and built colonial settlement outposts throughout Arab East Jerusalem. These scattered colonial settlements are now being “connected” via underground tunnels under Arab owned houses or directly above ground by demolishing these houses. The rest of the occupied West Bank is also similarly effected.

a) "laid their hands on buildings"

actually, it's Jewish property from the past few centuries (people like this Annie would never have you believe that Jews lived in the country before modern-day Zionism or that there was never really an "Palestine") and in most cases, the property was repurchased.

b) "colonial settlement outposts"

as if Jews didn't live in the Old City of Jerusalem or in Neveh Yaakov (Kfar Ivri) or Atarot or Silwan up until 1948.

c) "underground tunnels"

the reference is to this: A synagogue newly reopened in Jerusalem's Old City has worried Arab neighbors and Palestinian leaders who accuse Israel of using its political power to push them out and shift the city's religious balance toward the Jews. Israelis say the work in the Muslim Quarter merely restored a building wrecked during 19 years of Arab control before Israel captured the Old City in 1967...Hungarian Jews bought land for Ohel Yitzhak from Arabs in 1867 and says a title deed from an Islamic court exists, countering Palestinian allegations that the synagogue sits on stolen Muslim land..."Arab riots" in the 1920s and 1930s during British rule led to the building being abandoned in 1938. It was "vandalised" under Jordanian control of East Jerusalem after the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, when Jews were barred from the Old City. The booklet also highlights how the ruin was acquired after 1979 by an Israeli... which I commented on due to the involvement of the Khalidi clan.

d) "Arab owned"

in most cases, Jewish property that came into their hands after the Jews of the Old City were expelled or chased away by violent Arab actions against a civilian population that had been living there for many scores of years or more.

e) "similarly effected"

that should be "affected" but are there underground tunnels here at Shiloh? Gee.

Ah, Arab propaganda.


Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but Israel still considers Gaza to be part of Israel? If so the Israeli state did in fact wage war on it's own people?

YMedad said...

While I do, Gaza is no longer part of the area controlled by the State of Israel and that's by a Lw of the Knesset from 2005

Anonymous said...

Israel has no written constitution, and so, has no official borders.

Israel does control all of Gaza. Its entrances and exits, its electricity, fuel and provisions supply, its coastal border and airspace. All this leads to the fact that Israel defacto creates a situation of occupation and isolation on the residents of Gaza (of whom a majority are refugees from pre-1948 villages such as Isdud (Ashdod), al-Majdal (Ashqelon) or Najd (Sderot)).

YMedad said...

and imagine, all the Hamas has to do is top killing or trying to kill Jews and everything would be okay. is that too difficult to understand?

g said...

"all the Hamas has to do is top killing or trying to kill Jews "
Israel on the other hand, has many more tasks... stop killing PAlestinians, stop building settlements on their land, open the boarders, share the resources etc etc.

"everything would be okay"? For you ? Or for Palestinians as well?

"is that too difficult to understand?"
Understand, no. Believe, yes. There was time when no Israelis were killed, but the settlement kept expanding, PAlestinians were killed and siege on Gaza continued.
You want peace? Prove it!

Philosemite said...

"There was time when no Israelis were killed, but the settlement kept expanding, PAlestinians were killed and siege on Gaza continued."

Are you living in some not-quite-parallel universe? What is this theoretical time you claim? Israel was established in 1948. So you are linguistically correct. The Jews being killed in Palestine in the 1880's, the 1920's, etc. at the instigation of Muslim leaders were not Israelis. But that's only because Israel had not been re-established by the UN yet.

Furthermore, somebody else has it wrong, too. "Israel does control all of Gaza." You need to look at a map. Egypt controls one border of Gaza. In fact, Israel tried to give Gaza back to Egypt as part of the peace treaty they signed, but Egypt refused the territory as being ungovernable. They seem to have been proven correct. The very real and very tragic pain being suffered by the Gazans is not of Israel's doing, but of the Muslims themselves who are determined to kill Jews (and who btw have driven out most of the Christians) in their 13 century drive to control the world.