Monday, February 16, 2009

Nothing like Kabbalah on a First Date - The Kabbalah Kutie

Madonna’s relationship with Jesus Luz is a sham, according to friends...“It's a classic Madonna publicity stunt - but it suits both parties well...Madonna and Jesus – who met on a photo shoot for US magazine W in Brazil in December - were spotted attending a New York Kabbalah centre on Saturday (14.02.09), although they arrived separately.

The source continued: "Taking Jesus to Kabbalah is a masterstroke as she always historically introduces her lovers to the religion.”


Nothing like Kabbalah on a first date.

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Anonymous said...

She does look old enough to be his mother.
And, you know, if they were in certainly backwoods communities, the fact that Madonna is teaching Jesus religion and possibly "playing doctor" would not raise any suspicion.