Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Campaign Story

For those you can't read this Hebrew and understand it:

אנשי ש"ס, הוא מספר, הגיעו אפילו לסבתו של מנהל הקמפיין שלהם, ואיימו עליה שאיווט יביא רוסיות בלונדיניות שייקחו את בעלה. היא הודיעה להם בצער שהוא מת ר לפני עשר שנים.

let me translate and explain.

George Birnbaum was Israel Beiteinu's campaign strategist. A successful man.

Interviewed by, he was quoted as relating a funny story of how small Israel is by this illustration:

"People from Shas even got to the grandmother of the manager of the election campaign and threatened her that Evette (note: that's Avigdor Lieberman's nickname) will bring blonde Russian girls that will take her husband (unfortunately, young blonde Russian women are considered whores among certain religious sections of the population as well as thousands of others you use their service when they actually are engaged in prostitution). She told them, painfully, that her husband had been dead for the last ten years."

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