Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Public Bus Prayer

The last few years, I have been noticing a pronounced (pun intended) increase in the number of women who, while riding the buses, are seen to be reciting Psalms and also praying from a siddur.

Many would appear to be religious, married (head covered) or pupils, but others are not as can be observed from their rather free dress style which lacks the basics of modesty.

I am not quite sure how to react to this development. Trying not to watch a woman mouthing the words, kissing her eyes via her fignertips and other assorted acts that the women, mostly of Sefardi origin, is, I guess, just another urban vehicular burden.

Here's a sort clip to illustrate the happening:

At the least, being seated, there's little shuckling.


Schvach said...

If the zechut rubs off I'll make aliya and ride the bus with her everyday.

YMedad said...

Just watch out when you rub.