Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brit Discovers His Backbone

I think a genteel round of applause is in order:

BBC Trust chairman attacks politicians over Gaza appeal pressure

The chairman of the BBC Trust has attacked political criticism of the controversial decision not to broadcast a Gaza charity appeal.

Sir Michael Lyons told businessmen and women that the BBC faced "undue external pressure" over its refusal to show the Disasters Emergency Committee appeal. Speaking to the Cardiff Business Club, he said he had supported director-general Mark Thompson's decision despite "intense controversy".

Sir Michael said: "I began to feel that some of the political criticism of his decision was crossing the delicate line between fair comment and undue interference in the editorial independence of the BBC.

"At that point I thought, and still do, that a red card was in order."

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Anonymous said...

I am saddened that you applaud the BBC for not broadcasting an humanitarian appeal. The DEC Gaza appeal (www.dec.org.uk) does not express an opinion on the rights or wrongs of the conflict, it solely addresses the humanitarian needs of innocent victims of war.