Thursday, February 19, 2009

Terrible Accident

Yesterday morning, an explosion was heard from a house in Shiloh, at the far bottom of the hill.

It transpired that a squatter had most probably ignited kerosene fumes with his cigarette.

Pictures of the house can be seen here.

Please pray for Yismach ben Shulamit.



I believe your group may enjoy this Winston Churchill quip:

"An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile in the hope of being easten last!"


g said...

Why don't you report this

Not relevant?

YMedad said...

a) I didn't know about it.

b) does B'tselem, or any Arab support group report Jewish accidents?

c) maybe, according to you, it wasn't an accident?

Galia or whoever is writing these comments: if you show no humanity, you are not human. I have and you know it. You haven't.

Peter Drubetskoy said...

a) This is ridiculous. You now know but still it's not the kind of stuff to make the pages of your blog. Just like with settler violence: you say you are against it, but only your pillow knows about it.
b) Jewish accidents are disproportionately reported in any Israeli and international media. During the latest Gaza killing spree, images that appeared on the pages of Israeli newspapers and on the TV screens were almost exclusively of rockets hitting Israel, despite horrific scale of destruction in Gaza.
Still, B'tselem and other human rights groups do report of Israeli victims. For example, this blog set up specifically during the Gaza killing spree reported casualties on both sides.
c) If it was an accident, like hundreds of other such "accidents", how about Israel admitted a mistake and compensated the victims?

If you show no humanity, you are still human. Even worst killers have human rights and cannot be executed at will or in inhumane manner. On the other hand, justifying crimes with rationalizations like this shows the depth of moral degradation.

YMedad said...

Peter: Pooh, pooh.

Peter Drubetskoy said...

Such infantile replies only make my points stronger. Thank you.

YMedad said...

Thank you.

g said...

The reason i suggested the link is because it reminded me of a program I watched on RTVI "Israel today" during the last operation in Gaza.
They showed Nataneyahu visiting places hit by Hamas rocket and sounded almost disappointed that there was really nothing to show, since by the time Nataneyahu got there, it was all rebuilt and repainted etc. And noone was hurt either. My suggestion was if they want to see the damage, if they want drama just cross the boarder, there is plenty of that. But they didn't show Gaza.

I didn't say anything about your humanity. The fact that you bringing it up could mean you are selfconsious about it. Use it as a sign

g said...

Another one from "not human" Robot Galia

I wish you looked into some of this kind of news, which would give some hope for peace.
Otherwise, your blog is just 99.99% biased. So you can't really claim you care for Palestinians or for that matter that you are "inquisitive" or "interesting". Your everyday blind pro-Israel propaganda makes you into a boring egocentric stubbornly paranoid man.

YMedad said...

thanks for the compliment, Galia dear. Funny, though, that's exactly what my impression of you was even though I had thought that a nice-looking and presentable woman with a college education would be more open to ideas and facts rather than closing her mind due to either her Russian Christian background or being married to a Pal. or whatever. Too bad. But keep coming back, I am sure we'll have something to talk about.

g said...

Oh I am open to ideas. Only i care for constructive ideas and i don't see ideas that anywhere remotely promote peace. And your facts are only part of the whole picture and sometimes taken out of context. Demonizing Arabs and Islam doesn't help peace. Placing all blame on Arabs and Islam doesn't bring the possibility of peace.
I am Christian married to a Muslim, Russian living in US. I could care less, I have dual citizenship and I am safe. However, as a human being it's my responsibility to speak out if i see injustice.

YMedad said...

You should do so.

But try not to see only the negative when it isn't there.

g said...

"But try not to see only the negative when it isn't there."

Let's do it your way

a. What is "negative"?
b. when it isn't where?

Peter Drubetskoy said...

nice-looking and presentable woman with a college education would be more open to ideas and facts rather than closing her mind due to either her Russian Christian background or being married to a Pal. or whatever

Being silly, aren't you? What does Galia's background (or, on a more sexist note, her good looks) have to do with her arguments. Here I am, a not so nice-looking man with a college education not buying your ideas despite my Russian Jewish background and being married to another Russian Jew and being taught your point of view in my formative years and serving in the IDF, because I find them repellent, inhumane and self-serving.

YMedad said...

Okay, I'll make you happy. I'm silly.


Satisfied with reality? With Arab hostility? With Arab terror? With European antisemitism? With an irrationality that can never be bridged by compromise and willingness to ignore our Judaism, our Zionism, our right to be different?

YMedad said...

Galia, my blog is not 99% biased. there are my opinions which you are free to disagree with. and there are facts which you are free to disprove. that's what I mean by not being negative, always being doubting. seeing into it when what you want to see isn't there.

g said...

It's all them, Arabs, Europeans. It's never you. Is there anything that Israel might have done wrong?
By 99% biased i meant you don't post the news from the other side, unless it's a news that can serve your agenda. You don't tell how the isolation of Gaza hurts its economy, how Palestinians struggle to move around their country, how high the unemployment rate is, how many Palestinians boys have been taken to Israeli prisons. Did you talk about that incident when a Palestinian woman delivered a baby at a checkpoint and a baby died?
Why don't you post news from both sides and then let your readers to decide what they agree with and what they doubt.