Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amazing Lack of Intelligence on Iran

British appeasement policy can't hold a candle to this guy:

To the Editors:

In their excellent advisory, "How to Deal with Iran" [NYR , February 12], Bill Luers, Tom Pickering, and Jim Walsh omit discussion of one critical issue, which could have considerable leverage in discussions between this country and Iran. In several fora, President Obama has already committed himself to the cause of total nuclear disarmament. What better way to persuade Iran's leaders to give up any lingering wish to obtain nuclear arms than to approach the negotiations after having launched an international discussion of a universal agreement to begin getting rid of existing atomic arsenals? If it were evident that the major nuclear powers, led by the United States, are at long last serious about living up to their [Nuclear Non-Proliferation] treaty obligations and are discussing actual disarmament, they would be in a stronger position to dissuade any others from trying to join a dissolving club.

Robert R. Holt
Professor Emeritus and
Former Director
Program on Peace and Global Policy Studies
New York University
Truro, Massachusetts

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