Saturday, February 28, 2009

An Opinion on Egypt-US Relations


...Egypt and the United States have been allies for 30 years. Yet no candid reviews have been made of that relationship. The Obama administration, occupied with more pressing priorities, needs time to assess Egypt, whose sole card has been its role in peacemaking, whether in its direct relations with Israel or in bringing the Palestinians to a transient truce. Is that worth $60 billion-plus in U.S. aid?

In all facets, Egyptians have suffered under Mr. Mubarak. Ordinary Egyptians loathe the United States because of its support for Israel and the unpopular Mubarak regime. Can we afford to start a new page with Cairo by ignoring the real sources of instability in Egypt? Rising unemployment and poverty, widespread hunger and malnutrition, high inflation, collapsing socioeconomic infrastructure, and failed education and health systems are examples.

Egypt's problems are much more serious and menacing than the poor treatment of dissidents, as much as we love them. The Post was misguided to place the emphasis in the Washington-Cairo relationship on the treatment of dissidents.


and by the way:

An attacker stabbed a U.S. citizen in front of his wife in a popular Cairo tourist area on Friday in the second attack on foreigners in the Egyptian capital in less than a week, security sources said.

They said the American, a teacher in his fifties in an American school in the coastal city of Alexandria, was with his wife and a friend when he was lightly wounded in an unprovoked attack in a tourist area that is home to the 14th century Khan el-Khalili market.

The assailant, who was arrested at the scene, told police he attacked the American out of hatred for foreigners, particularly after Israel's recent offensive on the Gaza Strip, one security source and state media said.

I hope it's not David Holt of the Middle East Studies Program organized by the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities at:
MESP Cairo Office:
P.O. Box 213-Zamalek
Cairo, Egypt



No, it isn't David.

Here's what he wrote to me:

Thanks Yisrael—we are ok and most of the time don’t have to worry about such things, Typically safer here than in any major American city. Now if you guys can just keep things quiet enough for us to keep our travel permission to Israel.

Look forward to seeing you soon, and be ready to spread your usual charm with the students

Brachim Lacha

So, I'm responsible for the infractions of the truce. Can't win.

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محمد احمد said...

Egypt and US relations are there before Israeel migrate itself to usa after the aggression againsy egypt in 1956. Its not Israel that will decide whether egypt and US being allies will continue or not and on what ground? on the gground that people are poor? uneducated? even the richest nations still have that problem.what happened to a journalist or a tourist is a personal problem that cant mark the size of hatred to a nation. Is israel listenning?

YMedad said...

Thanks for dropping by.

Yes, we listen in Israel.

And if Egypt these past four years had helped us halt the tunnel smuggling, we wouldn't have had to launch a military operation in Gaza.

If Egypt is at peace with Israel, prove it and then relations with the US will be even better. For all. Egyptian government and its people, too.