Saturday, February 28, 2009

One, Two...Three!

It seems that the diplomatic future for the Arab-Israel future is a matter of one, two, three.


Clinton says US remains committed to two-state solution

Ahead of Mideast visit, US secretary of state says she'll work to 'create independent, viable Palestinian state and provide Israel with the peace and security'

The United States remains committed to the two-state solution, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said ahead of her scheduled trip to the Middle East.


Hamas: We will never recognize Israel

Group shuns Abbas' offer of unity gov't, which he says must agree to two-state solution with Israel

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday any unity government with Hamas would have to agree to a two-state solution with Israel, a demand quickly rejected by his Islamist rivals.

(So, Hillary spoke too soon:

QUESTION: Madame Secretary, are you in any way encouraged by the reports of progress in the Egyptian mediation efforts between the major Palestinian parties?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, I believe that it’s important, if there is some reconciliation and a move toward a unified authority, that it’s very clear that Hamas knows the conditions that have been set forth by the Quartet, by the Arab summit. And they must renounce violence, recognize Israel, and abide by previous commitments; otherwise, I don’t think it will result in the kind of positive step forward either for the Palestinian people or as a vehicle for a reinvigorated effort to obtain peace that leads to a Palestinian state.)


Israel: Coalition Talk Fruitless

Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the conservative Likud Party who was chosen to form the next Israeli government, met with Tzipi Livni of the centrist Kadima Party on Friday, in another attempt to join forces in forming a broad coalition. But both said afterward that no agreement had been reached and it seemed unlikely that one would be. Ms. Livni wants a commitment on a two-state solution with the Palestinians, and Mr. Netanyahu is not ready to give one. But neither Ms. Livni nor Mr. Netanyahu closed the door entirely on making another effort.

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