Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Very Dangerous Anti-Female Poster in Meah She'arim

On my walk through Meah She'arim last week (see the anti-election posters post here), I spotted this one, here in its "natural surroundings":

and here is a closer, cropped view:

It is an anti-modernist/female poster directed at Chareidi women who dress modern and here's my translation:

Modern Lady, 'Hardilonit'

(A Hareidi Female Who Looks Like A Secularist)

Do You Know

That Without Paying Attention You Are Sabotaging

The Nation of Israel In Your Goyisch Appearance?

Short and Form-fitting Apparel


Makeup and Perfume

Transparent or Flesh-coloredStockings

You Are Relaxing the Guardianship!

Return from your Ways! Don't Defile the Camp!

If there is no modesty, the Creator Will Remove Himsefl

and then there will be sorrows, and diseases and attacks and poverty

(G-d Forbid!)

and Jewish blood will spill like water!!!

"Your brother's blood calls out to you from the earth"

If you missed it, there's a "Yellow Star" and ovens and hands reaching heaveward.

And the pistol.

Sick. And dangerous.

Imagine if they saw this.


Ayelet Survivor said...

So the Holocaust was created by immodestly dressed Jewish women? Imagine that. I always thought it was millennia of anti-semitism coming to a head.

Gevalt. When did Jews start absorbing hellfire-and-brimstone rhetoric from goyim?

Anonymous said...


I don't see why you consider this dangerous. Sick, yes.

Are Israeli's so much like sheep these days?

It seems to me these are the weak cries of a small and diminishing minority of Judaism.

Anonymous said...

Good to know what brings poverty...
I like the ordinary B&W "Pashkavils" much more.