Monday, February 23, 2009

What Was, Will Be

Arabs and their supporters have several pet projects.

One is making sure Israelis and Jews can't make firm scientific claims about our past.

So, when archeological digs are to be exacavted, all hell breaks loose.

The dig at what is called the Givati Parking Lot just outside the Old City walls, east of the Dung Gate, is viewed, as usual, as an attempt to undermine structures and sneak under the Temple Mount.

The discoveries there are amazing.

But the Ir David crew made another discovery, one in the album of photographs at the American Colony Hotel.

In 1927, it seems, the British, Crawford and Fitzgerald, were digging at the site, where there were no structures at the time.

Here's the proof:

You can there in the background the southern Ottoman wall and the El Aqsa mosque to the back right.


Anonymous said...

For your readers not so familiar with Jerusalem, it would be useful to provide a photograph of that scene today, as a comparison.

Excellent blog, btw!

Anonymous said...

I think it is generally accepted that there was a Jewish kingdom some two thousand plus years ago. However that does not give Jewish immigrants from America or elsewhere any right to the territory.
Again I think Zionism is kindred spirit to Nazism, both make the claim that because of who they are, they have a god given right to some land that surpasses the rights of those others who also live there.

YMedad said...

You try my patience.

a) if we can't prove we belong here, we don't. If we can, we do belong here and nowhere else.

b) lebensraum or whatever is not Nazism but extreme nationalism. Nazism is exterminating people in the name of an ideology that is irrational.

So let's watch our semantics.

Anonymous said...

There is no question that Jews belong in Israel (and anywhere else they please), but it should not be at the expense of Arabs. The were present in the Jewish kingdom thousands of years ago. Remained after the Jewish exodus enforced by the Romans and still there when the Jewish state was created anew following WW2. I grant you that the Palestinians have not been systematically exterminated (only left to rot in refugee camps for more than tree decades) but according to the rhetoric of some right wing Israeli politicians it sounds like they wish they could.

Anonymous said...

"We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are. "

YMedad said...

Don't be blind. - Yisrael Medad

Unknown said...

Oy Ysrael you have some patience with Thor. Thor, it's not that there was a Jewish kingdom 2K years ago (Jewish kingdom of Yemen was more recent) but there was a continuous Jewish presence in the land even as it was subsumed into Dar al Islam, and as the place was deforested by the Ottomans Jews were still holding plurality in Jerusalem where they were treated like dhimmi dogs. The Mandate made perfect moral sense and no Arabs would be dispossessed if they didn't wage war against the Jewish state.

Anonymous said...

thor, maybe just maybe, the palestinians live in refugee camps due partly to their own incompetence.

you can't blame the israelis completely for the situation, considering the pali refugee camps are even worse in lebanon and some still remain in syria.

and fun fact for you: about 20 years ago, israel built a complex for the gazans across from a refugee camp. they didn't move into it until around 15 years after it's construction. darn stubborn israelis!

Anonymous said...

So what if there was jews, that's not the same as Jewish kingdom. You pretend there is some natural law for the state of Israel. There is not, it is a construct of USA foreign policy and nothing bad about that, I would applaud the idea if it did not include a mini-holocaust of the Palestinians to make room for jewish settlers.

By mini-holocaust I mean that instead of gas chambers there is the desert.

I don't hate jews are greatly resent the idea that I must if I oppose IDF massacres.

YMedad said...

You wrote: "some natural law for the state of Israel. There is not, it is a construct of USA foreign policy".

Sorry, but the idea of a Jewish state slightly pre-dated the USA by several centuries.

Thor said...

I feel like I like to say it again, I do not love jews (because I don+t really know any) but if I did I would ask them about the whole thing. And maybe, just maybe the personal touch would take me out of the whole mind state I've learned so far from digital media.