Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They Are Dead Serious

BBC reports:

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission is to seek compensation from Israel for damage to the Gaza War Cemetery incurred during recent shelling. Newsnight's Diplomatic Editor Mark Urban made a personal pilgrimage there to look for the grave of his great uncle who was killed in Gaza during WWI...

...During the recent campaign, the main Gaza War Cemetery suffered extensive damage as Israeli troops and Hamas militants fought nearby.

Now the Commonwealth War Graves Commission is seeking compensation from Israel, the BBC has learned.

The organisation estimates the cost of repairing or replacing the 363 headstones damaged by recent Israeli shelling at £95,000.

Excuse me, who said Israel did all the damage?

And what does Israel do about the rockets that fell in our cemeteries?

Four Qassam rockets were fired at the western Negev on Saturday afternoon from the Gaza Strip. The rockets struck the Sha'ar Hanegev Regional Council and the town of Sderot. Two exploded in the Sderot cemetery

And by the way, it was reported on February 6:-

The Israeli Defence Force said it had not shelled the cemetery during its 22-day assault on Gaza.

It blamed the explosion of a weapons cache during its attack on a nearby Hamas position...Last year, the commemorative altar on a British war grave was blown up by unknown attackers.


Kae Gregory said...

Even if it had, doesn't England have some influence in the world? Why haven't they used it to influence Hamas to not fire rockets at Israel? How much damage could have been saved if they would have just spoken up? What? They couldn't find anything to say for five years? I say they owe Israel money - for failing in their obligation to the world to exercise their influence in the world to stop suffering and promote peace between nations. Their guilty of international malpractice and they should be made to pay. I say its high time to stop giving a free pass to international malingerers and deadbeats. No more free ride for shirkers and laggards. I say a few centuries of relative civilization should have taught you something England! The tea might be free but the crumpets will cost you. (Whatever the hell that means.) Its time to pay up.

g said...

By the same logic, why didn't US stop Israel from attacking Gaza? 1300 lifes could be saved, 400 of which are children. And how much $$$, if you care for it that much.
Why does US keep blocking a proposal for resolution of the conflict for 20 years which has an international consensus? Along with Israel voting against over 150 countries. You want peace?
Prove it!

Myackie said...

Israel didn't "attack" gaza...Israel was DEFENDING herself agains attackers.

Don't make things up and pretend that they're true.

g said...

Defending herself by launching an OFFENSE (=Attack, Assault) that killed hundreds of Palestinian children.

Anonymous said...

"400 of which were children"


g said...

Even if it was 1 child, Israel didn't have a right to kill it.