Friday, February 20, 2009

So, The Pals. Are Guilty for the "Settlements"?

Myths and Facts by Mitch Bard has a post on the matter.

Some excerpts:

The claim is often made that “settlements are an obstacle to peace.” If, at almost any juncture in the last 42 years, the Palestinians had said yes to peace and no to terror they could have stopped the growth of Israeli communities in the territories. The Arabs in general, and Palestinians in particular, were unwilling, however, to make peace before a single settlement existed and have repeatedly missed opportunities to establish a state...

...Had the Arabs responded to Israeli overtures immediately after the 1967 War, only a handful of Jews would have lived in the territories...

...Today, while most Israelis still believe in a two-state solution, there is little enthusiasm for additional territorial concessions that could put Jerusalem, Ben-Gurion International Airport and Israel’s heartland within the range of the type of deadly rockets that Hamas unleashed over the last three years from the Gaza Strip. The unremitting terror campaign has again made the prospect for Palestinian statehood more remote and allowed the population of settlers to grow in the last three years from approximately 250,000 to 276,000.

The historical record clearly documents the relationship between Palestinian irredentism and the number of Jewish settlers. It is not settlements that are the obstacle to peace, but Palestinian terror and obstinance. The Jewish population in the territories will continue to grow exponentially as long as the Palestinians pursue this failed policy. Israel proved it would dismantle settlements in exchange for peace after signing a treaty with Egypt...

But, I do not intend on moving as, among other things, the Pals. are too accident-prone so it wouldn't help. And I don't yield on my rights in any case.


Anonymous said...

This is the world upside-down, really.

YMedad said...

Guilty of hating Jews so, as a result of their religious beliefs, that they refer to them as dogs, monkeys and pygmies and pigs, too. Taught to throw stones at them. And then we wonder why they want to get to heaven as a suicide bomber.

But, of course, you're Russian so you have protested what Putin did in Chechnya?

g said...

"Guilty of hating Jews so, as a result of their religious beliefs"
Do you believe they don't have other reasons other than religious beliefs?
"Taught to throw stones at them." Against your God given sword. Hmmmm. I would be quite about that if i were you.
Quran doesn't call Jews pigs or dogs.
"And then we wonder why they want to get to heaven as a suicide bomber"
Again, religion is the only reason they don't care to live?

I was young in school when Chechnya war happened. And the reality of war wasn't shown to Russians. I am opposed to war and would it happen now, i would protest it, as i did against Bush war on Iraq.