Sunday, February 01, 2009

Fatah in Free Fall

How Hamas rehabilitates its Fatah rivals:

Since someone has cast doubt of the above footage, as to where it took place, can I ask you to view this which, according to the LiveLeak site, is a video obtained by the Palestine Press Agency showing the death of Mohammed Sweirki, a Fatah officer, by being thrown off the top of a 15-story building in Gaza and found here, too.

and here's an AP report:

Militants throw rivals off high-rise Gaza buildings
POSTED: 9:37 p.m. EDT, June 10, 2007

GAZA CITY (AP) -- Rival Palestinian forces clashed in Gaza on Sunday, killing two militants by throwing them out of high-rise buildings.

Hamas militants kidnapped an officer in a Fatah-linked security force, took him to the roof of a 15-story apartment building and threw him off. Mohammed Sweirki, 25, from the Presidential Guard of President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah, was killed in the plunge.

That set off skirmishes through the city, including gun battles and shelling. Fatah militants surrounded the house of a Hamas mosque preacher and fired rocket-propelled grenades at the four-story building.

They then entered, shooting at preacher Mohammed al-Rifati, 40, and taking him away. Later, his body was brought to a hospital. Hamas pledged revenge.

Just before midnight, a Hamas activist was thrown off the 12th floor of a building and killed, security officials said. Four other Hamas men in the building were shot and wounded, bringing the day's toll to three dead and 36 wounded, medical officials said. Also, a Hamas militant wounded on Friday died Sunday.

BTW, CNN removed it from their archives. It's here in Haaretz. The NYTimes has this:

Gun battles also broke out in Gaza City after a member of the Presidential Guard, which is loyal to Fatah, was thrown to his death off the roof of an 18-story building, Palestinian security officials said. Shortly afterward, a cleric from Hamas was abducted and killed.


Anonymous said...

your video link doesn't work..

Anonymous said...

To #1: Maybe you are blocking pop-ups? If that's the case, the link won't work. Otherwise, it worked just fine for me.
How come no one hears condemnation for such blatant violation of "Palestinian human rights'? Nary a word from the Muslim world nor from the UN nor from all those so "concerned with Palestinain lives" like that crazy Norwegian diplomat? Where is she? Someone, please e-mail her the video link! Let's see if she is so concerned when Jews are not involved....

Anonymous said...

This is old footage of Iraq under Saddam. Not connected to Gaza.

Ariel Dumas said...

I´ve just made a compilation of anti-semitic articles published by Chavez's main propaganda site, APORREA.
They include every single conspiracy and libel that were charge to Jews in the last two thousand years, after reading that you will understand why, apart from Chavez incitement, there's such anti-semitic feellings over there.

Also in Argentina the anti-semitic attacks are in the rise, not from the government itself, but it haven´t done much about either.

(you can transalte this post with google translate)

g said...

Maybe it's time for Jews to think about why everyone hates you? Take some time to do some self examination.