Monday, December 15, 2008

91 Years Anniversary to Allenby's Conquest of Jerusalem

On December 9, 1917, at the Romema neighborhood.

"Jerusalem before Christmas",he said.


Although he was a supreme master of cavalry horse warfare, before entering Jerusalem, Allenby dismounted and together with his officers, entered the city on foot through the Jaffa Gate out of his great respect for the status of Jerusalem as the Holy City important to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (see his proclamation of martial law below). He subsequently stated in his official report:

"...I entered the city officially at noon, December 11th, with a few of my staff, the commanders of the French and Italian detachments, the heads of the political missions, and the Military Attaches of France, Italy, and America.

The procession was all afoot, and at Jaffa gate I was received by the guards representing England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, India, France, and Italy. The population received me well..." (Source Records of the Great War, Vol. V, ed. Charles F. Horne, National Alumni 1923)

Just inside Jaffa Gate, making the official announcement on December 11:

Scanned from his War Report, Cairo, 1919:

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