Saturday, December 27, 2008

Truth in Reporting

Over at Huffington Post:

The offensive began eight days after a six-month truce between Israel and the militants expired.


Well what about this:

Hamas: Cease-fire officially over
Launches massive rocket attack, threatens suicide bombings

Oops, sorry, that was in April 2007.

Well, this then:

A Hamas official on Monday said the ceasefire between the Islamic movement and Israel doesn't reflect his movement's retreat from fighting against Israel.

Oops, that was last July.

And don't forget this:

Jihad ’unhappy’ with Hamas ceasefire

Ah, this should be what I was looking for:

After expressing contradictory positions on Sunday, Hamas' leadership on Monday adopted a united stance: The cease-fire with Israel, which expires this Friday, will not be extended.

That ceasefire just didn't "expire". It was halted. By one side.

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Anonymous said...

Just thinking about the fits and kniptions that the pal lovers here are going thru right now...warms the cucolds of my little
American heart.