Friday, December 26, 2008

Words of Wisdom

The star of “Searching for Schindler,” from beginning to end, is not Mr. Keneally but Mr. Page. He begs, he exhorts, he presses money into the hands of the needy, he opens every door Mr. Keneally needs opened, often through sheer force of will and personality. He even turns out to be friendly with Leah Adler, Mr. Spielberg’s mother, from the kosher dairy restaurant she ran in Beverley Hills.

Next to him Mr. Keneally seems like a wallflower. Both the comedy and the horror contained in this memoir are present in a throwaway comment Mr. Page makes to Mr. Keneally:

“You wouldn’t have lasted two weeks with the Nazis. They loved killing guys like you. Poetic guys.”


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