Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When The Rockets Fall Near Nitzan

At one of my wife's blog here, Shifra Shomron relates her experiences at the compound of carvillas where those expelled, sorry, renovicted, from Gaza now live, Nitzan.

She's been a guest of mine previously.

These people are not protected and they had shipped in large sewer pipes!

Her lovely-written piece begins like this:

Out of the Frying Pan – Into the Fire
By Shifra Shomron

There was a siren. It was loud and alarming and we didn't know what to do – we had never heard a siren before and anyways, there was nowhere to run. You see, in Gush Katif we had always been warned after the mortars had fallen, not before though at least there our houses were solid cement and cinderblock. In fact, shortly before Disengagement, the Government had even finished reinforcing our ceilings and then we really felt safe in our house from mortars.

But that was then, and now as I heard the siren I did the only thing I could: I dived off my bed (it was nighttime and I was in pajamas) and onto the floor and covered my head with my hands. All the time there was one thought running through my head: 'this is absurd'. And then the siren stops its wailing, and after a few seconds I heard a muffled BOOM and realized that Ashkelon or Ashdod must have gotten hit...

Read it all, with pictures of those pipes.


She has a book out, "Grains of Sand", which she wrote before she was 19 and here's her promo clip.

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