Wednesday, December 31, 2008

These Missiles/Rockets/Ballistics Are A Problem

A Grad rocket fired by Palestinians in Gaza directly struck an empty schoolhouse in Be'er Sheva on Wednesday morning. Earlier, two rockets exploded in open fields near the Negev city. No injuries or damage was reported.

And there's an old video there from yesterday evening's attacks.

Of course, our government was part of the problem to quote someone. They not only let them fire at will, but stockpile and improve range.

Stupid Barak,

Stupid Livni

and Stupid Olmert.

And it seems they are replaying the summer of 2006.


And here's Moshe Arens:

...the only effective alternative - for the Israel Defense Forces to take control of the rocket launching sites in the Gaza Strip. Over 60 years ago, in World War II, the Allies understood that the only way to put a stop to the shelling of London by German V2 rockets was for Allied armies to reach the launching sites in Western Europe.

Much has changed since then, but the rockets are essentially still the same (the Qassams and Grads fortunately have considerably less range than the V2s). So that leaves the job to the IDF ground forces.

Why has it been so difficult for our leaders - civilian and military - to understand this? The prospect of ground forces entering the Gaza Strip is not particularly attractive, especially after we have been told that "we have left the Gaza Strip forever." But nobody has yet found a way of defeating an enemy without invading their territory...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Clicked on your link and it doesn't work, are you sure that's the correct address?

YMedad said...

All three links worked for me just now.