Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Leadership Waited Almost Too Long?

Israel's political and military leadership waited almost too long

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip fired a barrage ofat least 10 rockets at the western Negev on Sunday, as the Israel Air Force continued to pound the coastal territory for a second day.

Two of the Palestinian rockets exploded near the northern Negev city of Ashdod. At 38 kilometers from Gaza, this was the deepest into Israel a Palestinian rocket has yet to strike.

At least three rockets exploded just prior to that in Ashkelon, just south of Ashdod.

Or is it too late to stop the terror monster in Gaza?

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moderationist said...

Liberals and muslims understand the cultural war of victimhood, blame shifting, hate mongering; always considered first and formost in every move.

Israelis and conservatives are hopeless dunces at the cultural war of victimhood