Friday, December 26, 2008

Forget Politicans; It's The Advice-Givers

In an op-ed, Yediot Ahronot military commentator Alex Fishman displays complete idiocy is demanding: Make Hamas think twice by stating:

The aim of any Gaza operation must be to undermine Hamas’ desire to fight...At this time, the objective of an Israeli military operation in Gaza must be to undermine Hamas’ desire to keep fighting, and at that point agree on a ceasefire.

1. Nothing can diminish their desire to kill Jews.

2. Hamas is dictatorial. Thewy don't depend on public opinion or care for it.

3. A Gaza operation must seek to destroy the capability of Hamas to wage war against Israel.

4. Any cease-fire will be exploited to rearm, better train.

And then again, you have former Army officers spouting off:

Let’s do what’s good for us: In some cases, it is in Israel’s interest to comply with enemy’s demands

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