Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One More On That BBC Trek

Aleem's comment from yesterday:

This, the main entry point into Bethlehem on foot, felt a world away. It meant walking past Israeli soldiers, through a door-shaped gap in a long section of high, grey, concrete wall. This is part of the barrier Israel has been building in recent years, it says to keep out suicide bombers and attackers. Palestinians see it as a means by which Israel can grab more land.

People in Bethlehem often talk of feeling suffocated, by a barrier that encircles parts of the town, and encroaches well inside its territory, and by the Jewish settlements that are being built on occupied Palestinian lands close by.

but this on Ramallah:

Socially too, the city has tried to remain resilient.

An evening out in any number of fancy restaurants or bars hypnotises the wealthiest of Ramallah's residents into thinking that all is well in the world.

Many Palestinians here, outwardly at least, seem determined not to concern themselves even with the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, for example.

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