Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This Is Called "Defeatism"

Herb Keinon is reporting that

Israel won't fight UK gov't advisory

Israel will not wage a public battle with the British over a new advisory to be placed on the Foreign Office's Web site, warning against buying property over the Green Line, saying the move has little practical significance. "This is obviously unacceptable to us," a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday. "We think it is unnecessary and not something positive, but we have to pick our battles and are not going to go on the offensive about everything."

At the same time, another government official said that this type of formal advisory issued by the British government can only add ammunition to those in Britain interested in delegitimizing Israel.

The official also said that Jerusalem was watching to see if this was the last of a series of "unfriendly" actions the British have taken against Israel lately, or the precursor of more to come.

It seems that British Embassy spokesman Karen Kaufman confirmed that the Foreign Office would soon be warning Britons against buying property over the Green Line, including east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. The warning will is that there could be "consequences for that property" in any future peace deal with the Palestinians or Syrians.

Now, imagine if the World Zionist Organization had warned the Arabs of the surrounding Arab lands in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s that they shouldn't come to Mandate Palestine due to "consequences" (for that is exactly how the local Arab population grew so much and fast - immigration from outside - what, you didn't know? you thought all those "refugees" were centuries-old residents of the Holy Land?).

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