Tuesday, December 30, 2008

From "Defiance" to Defiance

Is this modern-day Israel?

Rather than victims wearing yellow stars, here were fighters in fur chapkas brandishing submachine guns. Instead of helplessness and submission, here were rage and resistance. I knew of the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto, yet it seemed to stand alone in the popular imagination as the only moment in which organized opposition took root.


It's from a backdrop article on the new film, "Defiance".

Israel's not facing anything near a Holocaust threat but it is facing antisemitism and it is still perceived as a people that must apply to itself standards of the weak, including a reported "humanitarian truce":

...defense officials intended to recommend a 48-hour truce to abate the war against Hamas and embark on a temporary truce before it became necessary to begin a significant ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Shin Bet and Israel Defense Forces officials on Tuesday denied reports that the defense establishment planned to recommend a temporary truce based on an initiative originally proposed by French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner.

The goal of the temporary calm would have been to see if Hamas can abide by the truce and cease firing rockets at Israel.

Infrastructure Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer decried the announcement as soon as it was released, saying a 48-hour truce would buy Hamas time to reorganize.

"Hamas has not suffered enough damage in the recent strikes," he said.

The government said on Tuesday it was prepared to work with France and other governments on increasing aid flows into the Gaza Strip

"We want to see convoy after convoy of humanitarian support and we are willing to work closely with all relevant international parties to facilitate that goal," Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's spokesman, Mark Regev, said when asked about the French proposal for a 48-hour humanitarian truce.


lxv62a said...

It must be nice to be able to kill women and children from gunships and drones at 25,000 feet (don’t even have to look em in the eye) using cutting-edge weaponry provided by the US - while the Palestinians fight back with home-made bombs and missiles - sort of like David vs. Goliath. I know who I’m rooting for, especially since the land in dispute is historically Palestinian land.

Peter Drubetskoy said...

And, lxv62a, you are so right, I don't see any courage in pressing a button of the latest rocket system and sending death on its way, especially without any effective resistance. How Israeli pilots could be proud of themselves here is beyond me. At least the German or Allied pilots (who were also engaging in war-crimes, bombing civilian targets) had some air defenses against them. In this case it is just a cowardly pummeling by the strong bully. Same.

Peter Drubetskoy said...

"Shame", that is.

Peter Drubetskoy said...

GIDEON LEVY / The IAF, bullies of the clear blue skies