Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Too Far" You've Already Gone

Britain has stepped up inspections of Israeli imports to make sure products from Jewish settlements in the West Bank do not enter duty-free...Britain's envoy to the Middle East, Bill Rammell, said pressuring companies to pull out of the Jewish settlements would be a step too far.

In addition to random inspections of Israeli goods by the British tax authority, Britain has taken the lead in trying to get the European Union to set labelling standards to make clear to consumers which products come from Israel and which come from settlements in the occupied West Bank.

..."This isn't about boycotting Israel. The settlements are not Israel," Rammell said in Jerusalem after meeting Israeli and Palestinian leaders and touring parts of the West Bank.


Actually, the "settlements", as you call them, the communities of revenant Jews resident in areas of the historic Jeweish homeland that the League of Nations and other bodies originally decided was to be the reconstituted Jewish national home are the essence of Israel and Zionism.

You know what?

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