Friday, December 26, 2008

Report from Mumbai on Mutilation


"Even the Rabbi and his wife at Nariman House were sexually assaulted and their genitalia mutilated," said a senior officer of the investigating team, not wishing to be quoted.

(Kippah tip: Atlas Shrugs)

This, of course, is not new.

The famous 35 Fighters of Gush Etzion suffered the same genital mutilation:

The Arab attackers mutilated the bodies of the defenders according to British soldiers who witnessed the aftermath of the attack. A soldier who took pictures of mutilated bodies left his roll of film to be developed in Jerusalem and never came back for it, but word of the atrocities had leaked out to the horrified Jewish public. Several decades later the negatives were discovered, but it was decided not to publish the atrocities.

The first burial at Kfar Etzion:

And in 1929, they also burned bodies for good measure, like at Motza:


moderationist said...

Looks like Mumbai is already yesterday's news. All the photos, the more terrible, the more they will tell the story, need to be made into a DVD and mailed all over India as well as all over the world. A story about just one is more powerful than many.

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me where I could find the original of this image and verify the identity of the victims.
My grandfather is David Daniel Glatzer who was murdered in Motza Aug. 1929 while visiting the Maklef family. I had never heard that his body was burnt.

I look forward to your reply to my email

Judith Glatzer Wechsler

Anonymous said...

Nazi, aliens eat humans, humans sold out by leaders for alien underground bases, galaxies, technologies, planets. Dan needs to be tested on all leaders, if not human, oust them! Millions of kidnapped, missing humans fed to Et. Mumbai mutilations no accident. Ask j leiberman, h Clinton, Obama why this was done and who ate their body parts.

Anonymous said...

DNA needs to be tested.