Wednesday, August 01, 2007

You Can Now Smell Shiloh UPDATED

The perfume, that is (not the place where I live).

And there's a story:-

The woman behind the fragrance named "Shiloh," Symine Salimpour,(*) has just won a five-month-long legal battle with Angelina Jolie over the name. Symine claims that the fact that her perfume has the same name as Angelina's baby is simply a coincidence and the courts seem to agree. From the The Washington Post:

The trademark battle "was just a huge misunderstanding," Salimpour says, magnanimous in victory. "And besides having a baby named Shiloh -- because this perfume, it is my baby -- we can say we have two other things in common: We believe in human rights, and we love Brad Pitt!"

Hmmm. Should we here at Shiloh, the utmost original Shiloh, sue than Angelina for stealing our name?

Better, let's develop of whole line of Yesha fragrances.


Salimpour, who is Jewish and a citizen of both France and Israel, gamely played David to Jolie's Goliath, maintaining that the naming was strictly a coincidence.

"In Hebrew, Shiloh means 'his gift,' " Salimpour says. "And I will use the perfume to give something back to the children of Israel and the Middle East." She means this literally. After Shiloh hits the market later this year, she says, 5 percent of the profits will go to the Israeli-based nonprofit organization Beit Issie Shapiro, which provides medical and educational services to disabled children.

The daughter of an Iranian-born psychiatrist and an Egyptian-born artist who met and were married in France, Salimpour is a graduate of the Sorbonne, and in 2003 received a law degree from Paris's famed EFB, the Ecole de Formation Professionnelle des Barreaux.

I told him I was a lawyer with a special interest in human rights, that I design jewelry and had lived in Israel and Paris and the South of France. The scent I wanted would present the idea of fragility and strength. And that it would be called Shiloh."

It is a complex fragrance. The forward notes, the ones that hit your nose first, are cedar wood and patchouli. Rising above that earthy base are delicious whiffs of citrus (thanks to a dab of bergamot oil) and rose petals. There are probably about 30 other scents that an expert could identify. It's a really heady scent.

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We have been contacted by Symine!

Naim Meod Yisrael!

Thank you for your great support!

I hope that Shiloh, not the town but the pêrfume, will be soon in Israel and also
brings more light to Shiloh, where you live,

Best regards,

Symine Salimpour