Friday, August 24, 2007

Page-after-Page With Noa

My friend Chaggai Segal also fell in love with "M'kimi" and in his weekly Makor Rishon column, in the Dyukan Magazine (in Hebrew), suggests that the Yesha Council hand out free copies of the book to secularists at the Azrieli Center.

Bemoaning the fact that Tel Aviv, as a concept, has been too hard a nut to crack for those involved in trying to assure the security of the state of Israel and its spiritual value for the Jewish people by maintaining control over Yesha, thinks that if one-fifth of Tel Aviv becomes convinced by Noa's book, despite the fact that there's nothing political in it, the ability to "return the rest" will be easier.

And here's Shai Tzerka's cartoon accompanying the article:

(In the original, you can see that her "angel wings" are the open-paged book of hers)

On second thought, here's the complete caricature. I thought to myself, if Noa herself perhaps glanced here she might be disappointed that the full drawing wasn't here. So I scanned it. I presume that I should emphasize that for copyright protection, only the first version should be copied.

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Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I'm glad you agree with me :)

Boy, if Chagai knew the power of his book reviews...I'm a sucker for good reviews (and usually go out and buy the books quickly).