Thursday, August 16, 2007

Barry, Tzell and even Me

My cousin-in-law Barry Liben, of Tzell Travel, was interviewed in the Jerusalem Post and mentioned me.

You became a successful businessman without an academic degree. That's unusual for an American-Jewish boy, isn't it?

We were definitely not a conventional American-Jewish family. I didn't even finish high school. I dropped out after my sophomore year. I was living with a friend in an apartment at the age of 16, because my family had all left New York.

So, I worked for Betar and I drove a cab and I delivered meat. For a couple of years, I had three jobs simultaneously.

My wife, Sindy, is a different story. She grew up in a more Zionist family. Her parents were very active in Friends of Betar, and that's how I met her - in camp. Her cousin, Winky (Yisrael Medad), [actually, I spell my nickname Winkie] is now a senior staff member of the Begin Center.

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