Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sedition or Just Plain Silly

Yehuda Ben-Meir, a former Bobsey-twin (Zevulon and Yehuda of the Young NRP Guard) who palyed the Gush Emunim card for all it was politically worth, has an insight:-

...we are not talking here about the refusal to carry out orders on the part of young soldiers, but rather about a much more serious, deep-seated and dangerous phenomenon.

We are facing an organized, calculated attempt at sedition, pure and simple. In effect, it is a conspiracy to chip away at and destroy the ability of the Israel Defense Forces to fulfill its purpose and mission as a people's army in a democratic state. In other words, what we are dealing with is an effort to prevent the IDF from being the long arm of the lawful, legitimate government and carrying out any task assigned by the elected leadership of the state. It is essential that Israeli society understand what it is facing, because only then can it take the actions necessary to avert the plot.

There is a small but well-organized group of extremists, led by a few zealous rabbis, that has resolved to prevent the evacuation of Jewish communities in the territories at any cost. These people have no "red lines" and are scornful of the democratic process.

Granted, Ben-Meir can have his point-of-view. But after all, politicians also use the IDF for their own political desires and these can be innocent, silly or stupid. They could also be wrong.

Ben-Meir, of course, will say that in a democratic society, the citizen must yield before the elected officials. Non-violent direct action folks would say that the citizen has not forsaken his obligation in-between elections and by his actions, such as refusal to serve, to pay taxes, to buy this or that, etc., assumes joint responsibility to run the state. He must except the punishment as prescribed by law, true.

But, in our case, if the citizen is convinced that the policies of retreat and withdrawal over the past 40 years have not brought peace and security and have only encouraged Israel's enemies - and I leave out ideology or theology - then each citizen needs make, everyday, a moral choice.

That, Prof. Ben-Meir, is not sedition. It's called democracy.

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