Thursday, August 23, 2007

Something Missing?

Here's Isabela Kershner's report over at the New York Times on Abu-Mazen's latest screed:-

The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, condemned Israel for what he termed an escalation of violence against Palestinians, saying it “casts doubt about Israel’s real intentions towards the peace process.” On Monday, Israeli strikes in Gaza killed six militants from Hamas, and in separates strikes there on Tuesday, three from the Islamic Jihad group and two boys. Mr. Abbas, of Fatah, described the killings inside the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip as “a massacre which cannot be justified in any circumstances.”

Anything seem unbalanced, misleading and biased is this report?

Sure. Where are those Qassam rockets and other mortar attacks that caused Israel to "strike"?


My 'letter to the editor' -

Isabel Kershner reports on Mahmud Abbas' criticism of Israel (Aug. 23) that Israel is "escalating violence" and notes several Israel airstrikes that have killed 11 persons which Abbas terms a "masssacre". However, with no mention of continued Qassam rocket and mortar attacks aimed at Jewish civilians, the story is unbalanced and misleading.

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