Sunday, August 19, 2007

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Mathilde A. Tagger is the project coordinator for the "1929 Riots" file over at the Archives of the Jewish People.

There they have this picture:-

As anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of written Hebrew can attest, the caption written on to the photograph reads, in English translation:

"The pogrom in Jerusalem, 1st - 3rd Days of Chol Hamoed, Pesach 5680 [1920], Inside the Synagogue of the Georgians"

Anyone over there want to correct this oversight?


And here's their reply (no name to protect the guilty):-

Thank you for your elucidating letter of August 19th.

We do indeed have a rudimentary knowledge of Hebrew. You are welcome to visit the archives and see some of the treasures (in Hebrew and other languages) which we hold.

However, Ms Tagger does not work for us but rather for some project (of which we heard for the first time in your letter), and is apparently supposed to search for material in our holdings on the 1929 riots. To this day she has not yet done so.

Secondly, the picture from the Synagogue of the Georgians, which was apparently taken in 1920, from the text on it, is not in our archives at all, but from somewhere else. To ascertain where, you must ask Ms Tagger, or whoever is in charge of the web site on which you noticed the picture.

Yours sincerely,

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