Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Israel's Frustrated Left

Over the years, Israel's Left have sought to blame the continued administration of the disputed territories, i.e., those portions of the Jewish historical homeland not yet fully under Israel's sovereignty, what I refer to as YESHA, for all sorts of ills.

There was domestic violence (after all, soldiers beat up Pals. in ther reserve army duty and come home to do the same), petty criminal activity, serious mafia-like bombings and other items including loud and loutish behavior in public places. Their frustration at their political impotence, not to mention their inadeqaute ideology, makes them angry at us. We need for them to be their scapegoat.

I am guessing that some lefty will read this and try to come up with a parallel phenomenom here.

A new study has found that many more women are leaving economically moribund Eastern Germany. The result is a new, frustrated and largely male underclass. And many of them find succor in the neo-Nazi scene.

...a new study released by the Berlin Institute for Population and Development [indicates that] there is another problem that accompanies the migration. Since 1991, more than two-thirds of all those who have left Eastern Germany have been women. The result is that in many towns in the region, there are simply not enough to go around -- some places are missing up to 25 percent of their young women. Even worse, the young men who stay behind are often poorly educated, unemployed and frustrated -- perfect fodder for neo-Nazi groups looking for members.

"In general," the study finds, "right-wing radical parties receive more votes in those areas where the most young women have left."

But it won't work.

We aren't frustrated.

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