Friday, August 31, 2007

Just Like Us

Complexes are so Jewish.

Are we superior or are we inferior?
Are we different or do we assimilate?
Mar'it Ayin in a social sense.

One problem is the natural inclination to split.

Korach & Gang vs Moses
Pharisees vs Saducees
Rabbis vs Karaites
Chassidim vs Mitnagdim
Zionists vs Cosmopolitans.
Zevillies vs Aharonies.

And many more.

How many jokes do you know about "that's the schule I don't daven in"?

Well, fellow Jews, shudder no longer. Read on:-

A GROUP OF DISSIDENT CONGREGANTS from Shaw's historic African-American Shiloh Baptist Church filed a lawsuit on Wednesday in D.C. Superior Court to remove its pastor, the Rev. Wallace Charles Smith. The lawsuit, which also names the interim chairmen of the church's board of trustees and board of deacons, marks a ratcheting up of turmoil at the church, where a faction of church members held a no-confidence vote on Aug. 11.

A church meeting on the internal strife over Smith is planned for Sept. 15, but it's unclear because of the lawsuit whether that will go on as planned.

In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs allege that Smith has mismanaged Shiloh-owned properties in Shaw: "In the past eighteenth months of his tenure at Shiloh ... Smith sold two properties, subjected six properties to condemnation proceedings by the District of Columbia, lowered the public health standards for the restaurant business conducted by the Church, that resulted in health code violations, and failed to implement any viable plan for renovation of the deteriorating real properties."

The suit also alleges that Smith's second full-time job helming a Philadelphia-area seminary constitutes a breach of the pastor's Shiloh contract.

The plaintiffs group, which numbers about 120 church members, includes descendants of Shiloh's original congregation, which moved to Washington from Fredericksburg during the Civil War.

Smith tells The Post that the church is reviewing the lawsuit and would not comment further, but did say that the "New Testament prohibits Christians from taking other Christians before secular magistrates. Bible-believing Christians know and understand this."

The church, located at 9th and P streets NW, has been at odds with neighbors in Shaw over its stewardship of vacant properties and its fight to keep the vegetarian restaurant Vegetate from securing a liquor license. The eatery eventually received a license despite the battle.

What, no bingo?

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