Thursday, August 23, 2007

Prime Programming on BBC

I'm glad the BBC has finally selected more appropriate broadcast material more suited to their standards:-

you've got to love Lawrence Barraclough. Two years ago he made "My Penis and I" for BBC Three and now he's back to direct Three's commission of another dick-related documentary examining why men don't talk about them much. That's men other than Lawrence Barraclough, presumably, since he seems to be a bit fixated.

There will undoubtedly be footage (or perhaps that should more accurately be called inchage) of penises during the programme, which should help redress the balance for those frustrated viewers who sigh in an exasperated fashion and wonder out loud to no-one in particular why we get so much full frontal female nudity on the box and hardly any of the other.

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Unknown said...

It makes perfect sense especially when you realize that the "Beeb" is run by a bunch of Anti-Semitic dick-heads